HEST International is introducing a complete line of products that will solve problems that have been ignored by the microwave oven industry since its inception; the drying out of food during the cooking process, and the ablity to cook more than one dish of food at one time. HEST International, S.A. is revolutionizing microwave cooking by solving these and other old age problems.


Our first product to be offered is the HEST MICROWAVE HYDROWARE COOKWARE.


The introduction of water to the cooking cavity to hydrate the cooking process, ensures the reduction of microwaves ability to dry the food out during the cooking process.


Our second product, is our STACKER / PEDESTAL which allows one to cook two plates of food at the same time.

Characteristics & Benefits:

Reduces the dehydration (drying) of the food in the microwave oven.

Protects you from damaging or causing your microwave oven to explode, by the use of paper towels, that may contain metals, since paper towels are made from recycled materials, that may contain metals from staples or paper clips that can damage your microwave oven and possibly bring harm to you and your family members.

To protect you and your family from the harmful toxins that some paper towels may contain, due to the processing methods used to whiten paper towels that could cause kidney failure, or damage the young developing brains of children, by such chemicals as: Dioxins, Furans, Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), Formaldehyde, Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, and Fluoride.
By not exposing your food to wet paper towels, they will be free of:
Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF)
Processed Chlorine Free (PCF)
Totally Chlorine Free (TCF)

HEST Microwave Hydroware Cookware is a multi functional product:

a. Using the lid only in the microwave oven will protect your microwave oven from Splatters.


b. The use of the complete Microwave Hydroware Cookware also protects your microwave oven from Splatters.


c. Using the complete Microwave Hydroware Cookware with its water reservoir, will also help keep your food hydrated while the food is heated or cooked in the microwave oven.


d. The use of the Microwave Hydroware Base only in the microwave oven with its water reservoir, allows it to hydrate the entire cooking cavity of the microwave oven.

e. The Stacker or pedestal allows cooking or heating two meals or dishes at the same time.


f. The Stacker can be used inside the Microwave Hydroware Cookware to heat or cook two meals or dishes at a time.


g. The Stacker and the base only with its water reservoir, without the lid, allows you to hydrate the entire cooking cavity of the microwave oven to heat or cook two meals or dishes at the same time.

Our products are Dishwasher Safe and our materials are microwave oven safe, and non flammable.

Purpose of the Promotion:

The objective of the promotion is to offer our family and friends an opportunity of a savings before the product is offered to the general public in October.


We are not producing these products out of corporate greed, but we are more interested in solving the problems of our customers. We hope you share in our vision.


If you share our vision, we hope you will send this offer to all of your family and friends in all of your social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat, Linkedin, and on all of your e-mail accounts so they can also take advantage of our Special savings of $50.00 which is a  44.4% discount off the suggested retail price of $90.00, and the Bonus; Stacker / Pedestal / Riser which is worth $25.00.


With your help, and that of your family and friends, by sharing this offer with as many people as possible, will help improve our chances of success for years to come.


The family of HEST International, S.A., thanks you in advance.


Therefore, hurry and place your orders now, so as not to miss out on our Additional bonuses;
the FAMILY & FRIENDS Discount and our bonus gift.


PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNTED PRICE is $50.00 during the PRE-SALE OFFER and for the FAMILY AND FRIENDS OFFER for 30 days. This is a DISCOUNT of 44.44% off our suggested retail price of $90.00.  In addition, the first 3,000 orders will receive our second bonus gift; our STACKER / PEDESTAL / RISER, a value of $ 25.00.


After the closing of the PRE-SALE OFFER and the FAMILY AND FRIENDS OFFER, the products will be sold at the full suggested retail price.


These products are designed with the high standards and quality materials of the United States.


So, hurry and place your orders now, so you do not miss our pre-sale discount and bonuses.


is our e-mail and social media campaign which will be open for only 30 days.


2. The delivery of all presale orders will be sent in October.


3. The first 3,000 orders will qualify for our Stacker / Pedestal / Riser, which will be included as a bonus gift.

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