The founder of HEST International, S.A. and the inventor of all the HEST Hydroware Cookware products has been in the plastic manufacturing business for almost a half of a century.

Starting with the fabrication, and screen printing of acrylic point of purchase displays, for banks, department stores, optical retail stores, jewellery stores, phone center stores, the United States Post Offices, hospitals, medical clinics, doctors offices, convention centers, and bus terminal displays.

The plastic fabrication also included signage, interior graphic design, vinyl lettering, directional signage for parking garages, parking lots, street signs, prisoner screens for police cars, and tourist gift items.

The parent companies produce several lines of housewares, bath accessories, decorator items, custom art, and furniture.

The telecom company designs and produces a line of Tagging and Protection Devices for several of the United States major phone companies.  This venture required our company to produce injection molded products.

As you can see, the foundation of HEST International, S.A. background is quite varied with a long history spanning almost a half century.  This is the kind of foundation you can place your trust in.

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