Each piece is multifunctional and can be used separately or in combinations, depending on your cooking needs.

HEST Microwave Hydroware Cookware ™is introducing the first product to truly transform microwave cooking since the introduction of the home microwave oven 50 years ago.


→ This innovative, patented cookware actually hydrates the food while cooking, eliminating the perennial problem of food drying out while microwave cooking.


→ This unique microwave cookware is the only product specifically designed to hydrate food while cooking or reheating in the microwave. The result—moist, delicious meals and foods.


→ HEST Microwave Hydroware Cookware™ is completely microwave safe, nonflammable, and dishwasher safe.


→ This cookware eliminates the risks posed by using paper towels to cover food while microwave cooking. Because paper towels are made from recycled materials that may contain metals from staples or paper clips, they can cause electrical arcing and explosions that can damage your microwave oven and possibly harm you and your family members.


→ Paper towels dampened with tap water, which may contain chlorines and fluoride, put those toxins in direct contact with food in the microwave. However, tap water used in the HEST Microwave Hydroware Cookware Base reservoir doesn’t come in direct contact with food and the resulting vaporized water is actually distilled and harmless.


→ HEST Microwave Hydroware Cookware™ is the healthy way to microwave cook because it is free of hazardous materials, including: BPA, aluminum, Teflon™, nanomaterials, and nanoparticles.


→ Each cookware piece is 100-percent free of harmful toxins that paper towels, plastic wrap, take-out containers, and other microwave cookware may contain, including dioxins, furans, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), formaldehyde, chlorines, and fluoride.


→ Designed and built to U.S. quality standards, HEST Microwave Hydroware Cookware is made of heavy, durable materials.


→ The two-piece set of HEST Microwave Hydroware Cookware™, which includes the Base with its water reservoir and clear Lid, keeps your food hydrated during microwave cooking or reheating. Both pieces can also be used with the Stacker to cook or reheat two meals or dishes at the same time.

→ To cook large food items or dishes that don’t fit under the Clear Lid, you can simply use the Base alone or the Stacker and the Base, to hydrate the entire cooking cavity of the microwave oven.


→ The Base with its water reservoir and the clear Lid keep your food hydrated during microwave cooking or reheating.


→ With the Base, the Stacker and the clear Lid, you can cook or reheat two meals or foods at the same time, while ensuring they are properly hydrated.


→ When you don’t need to hydrate food, use the Stacker alone to heat or cook two meals or dishes at the same time.


→ Used separately, the clear Lid protects your microwave oven from messy food splatters.


→ It works with the microwave-safe plasticware, glassware, and cookware that consumers currently have and use.


→ HEST Microwave Hydroware Cookware™ is an ideal gift for a birthday, wedding or shower, housewarming, graduation, Christmas, Hanukah, or Mother’s Day.


→ Businesses can use HEST Microwave Hydroware Cookware™ as a thank you gift or sales premium for valued clients and customers. It also makes a practical addition to the employee break room or kitchen.


→ Retailers, distributors, wholesalers, or major institutions can request special pricing on bulk purchases, by emailing info@hestinternationalsa.com.


→ Consumers can register to receive special offers and promo codes from HEST International, S.A.®

HEST International S.A.® designs and manufactures household and kitchen products designed for healthier cooking and eating.

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